What if every week I wrote here? Something lovely, something fun.  Why not try.  No promises. But, today I'll at least begin the endeavor of a weekly Neighborhood's blog. Today, I'll tell you a story about Springtime. It's here and it came and it keeps coming. Doesn't it feel like a long spring? It's like you can just keep enjoying it because it hasn't moved on, and winter left so easily that the new life, extra green season seems to be lasting longer than usual. (Minus that one April snow storm).  The daffodils seemed to take a long time to bloom, but the treat is, they're still blooming now.  So  this brings me to my story:

Our beautiful planters sat empty after the winter and we wanted to plant something lovely so that when you sat at our deep wood tables, you could look at beauty. But we didn't want to pay for it. This year, my family had to give up our plot in the Victory Gardens because we are just a bit too far away and have a few too many things going on to make it work. But what about all those lovely Tulips that Harry brought back all the way from Holland? What about the one Iris Brennan gave me 6 years ago that became 20 irises? Who would take care of them when we turned in our key? Would they dig them all up? So there at the management staff meeting we decided to just run down to my garden and dig a few plants up!  Unfortunately I didn't have my key. So I had to channel my 14 year old self and hop the fence. I handed Charlotte plant after plant. She carried some, and I carried the bucket and our friend and loyal employee Jordan, who we ran into on the way, carried my GuS and one lone daffodil.  Back over the fence and back to the patio, we planted. The day after, we augmented with fancy soil. We added a few seeds in between hoping for some future nasturtiums.  The transplants didn't look so hot.  

Today, when I came in, one week later, I smiled at the patio. The deep purple tulips from Holland are going to open.  The Irises look alive, though it's still far from bloom time.  We successfully transplanted flowers from my garden  and we had so much fun.  Hope you can come enjoy them soon!


Taza and Trade

Hello Neighbors!

Here at Neighborhoods, we LOVE chocolate (Have you tried our ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies yet?  We also love direct trade (we KNOW you've tried our George Howell's Terrior Coffee, RIGHT?!)

Well, we found the best of both worlds right here in Taza Chocolates based in Sommerville, MA!

Taza's organic, direct-trade, mexican-style chocolate is JUST the thing to go with your next cup of George (Howell) that is.

Check out Taza and their direct-trade standards: http://www.tazachocolate.com/About/Taza_Direct_Trade

Check out WHY direct-trade matters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdrMY9SOmy8

Fare Thee Well!!!

Hey Guys, I, Kristy, just wanted to officially say "good bye!" to those I won't get to see in person.

I am heading back to teaching in the fall, and thought I'd have time to get all the good-byes in before then.  Unfortunately, however, a shoulder injury means that I have to leave now (you can pray shoulder surgery goes well) .

Y'all are AMAZING and I hope to see you around!  I'll definitely be in for muffins and tea time .  Keep making Neighborhoods the place to be!


Summertime Trivia on the Patio

Summertime is for SUN, iced cold coffee, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and FUN! 

What better way to spend a summer evening than chilling on the patio with friends, playing trivia, sipping something cold (free refills on iced drinks!), and winning prizes! 

Gather a team of your four best, brainiac friends (you know, the ones that went to BU...), or sign up to be placed on a team, and then fight, I mean, play, to the finish! 


Our good friend Vic, sharing our enthusiasm :) 

Our good friend Vic, sharing our enthusiasm :) 

You are part of the story!

Neighborhoods is built on the belief that a business can benefit the local community, and the world, by connecting the customer to the product at all stages of the process: the growing, roasting, and crafting (barista). 

In a neighborhood with over 24,000 residents, not counting 20,000 employees, and a agreement that buying locale means buying better, Neighborhoods offers a locale coffee shop alternative to the chains, serving quality coffee, food, and desserts to the conscientious consumer at a price comparable to chain coffee shops.  It is the only one of its kind within a 1.5 mile radius!

Though the beans cannot be locally sourced, ah Beantown. :-P, Neighborhoods only purchases beans that are fair trade and traceable to the growers.  Most roasters can't identify specifics beyond the region their beans were grown in, let alone individual family farms.  Neighborhoods has a unique opportunity to KNOW the people behind our products, from local produce to coffee beans traceable to specific farms in Rwanda, the Dominican Republic, Yemen and more.  

While providing a quality product of freshly roasted and perfectly crafted coffee, Neighborhoods also offers the story of all the beans brewed in the cafe: Literature is available on our bookshelf to explain how our coffee improves the lives of those involved in processing and serving it,  our walls chronicle the story through authentic pictures of the growing, roasting, and brewing, of the beans, and we brew and serve the beans with care and, as always, a smile. 

Then, comes the customer, that's you!  When you purchase our coffee, you support the individuals and families of all the farmers , packagers, roasters, baristas, etc., etc. involved in the coffee production process.  Not to mention, you get the best-tasting coffee in town!

So, THANK YOU for being part of the story!

flickr.com photo

flickr.com photo

What's so Special?

At Neighborhoods Cafe, we offer a warm, welcoming environment, goodies that EVERYONE can enjoy (gluten free, vegan, organic, fair trade, and other options), AND superior coffee!

While "superior coffee" definitely includes espresso-based beverages: americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and so-on, you will notice that our "basic" drip coffee is exceptional as well.  Why?  Glad you asked!

We can answer this question in two words: George Howell.

George Howell's coffee, Terrior Coffee,  is made with excellence in every step of the process. Your coffee beans embark on a very long journey before they ever reach your coffee cup.  Some of that journey involves harvesting, storing, roasting and such, which you can read about here: http://www.georgehowellcoffee.com/content/view/260/.  The rest of that journey, happens right here  in our cafe!

Even in the in-house brewing process, the Terrior Coffee company ensures excellence by personally programing our coffee machines, training our baristas, and regularly following-up with us, to ensure that, together, we provide you with the best brew possible.

So, wonder no longer where you might find the best coffee in town, and be sure to grab a cup the next time you are around (ensure quality in the serving process by bringing a re-useable mug, and get 10% off your morning mug!)

picture by flickr.com

picture by flickr.com

A Cupcake-fueled Haiku

Our friend Ryan is a teacher at a local school.  Occasionally, he brings a cupcake to school as a prize for a winning work in his morning English class.  Students select the winning work.

We thought we'd share the winning Haiku from yesterday's class.  The topic is Spring.

Headaches and sneezing

Coughing and runny noses

The pollen is back

Today, students were asked to create the first lines of an imaginary book entitled "The Great American Novel."   The winning lines being:

"On Tuesdays, from 5:30-7:00, McDonald’s sold cheeseburgers for 49 cents. He had a nice car, a big house, and a high paying job, but nothing made him happier than 49 cent cheeseburgers from McDonalds."

So fun!  Thanks for sharing Ryan! :)


-Your friends at Neighborhoods

Stay strong Boston!

SOOO excited to announce that we will be teaming up with Lauren Hastings of Demoiselle Jewelry Designs to support our city in the aftermath of Mondays events.

Demoiselle will be our entrepreneur for the month of May, donating 50% of the proceeds of her Jewelry sales at our cafe to benefit those affected by the bombings via The One Fund.

Thank you Lauren Hastings of Demoiselle!

Thank you Boston for loving your neighbors (even ones you hardly know) SO well!

Stay strong friends!

God bless!



The Red Sox are Back!!!

The Red Sox are back!!!  We here at Neighborhoods have been waiting for this very day to debut our new Spring products!

Come in and check out our walnut encrusted goat cheese and capri salads, our fresh-brewed iced teas and tropical lemonade tea,  our Red Sox cake balls, and our new "all American" crepes!

Oh, and, in case you haven't met them yet, Fenway, meet this year's Red Sox:


Happy Season!!!

-Your Friends At Neighborhoods