Customer Profile: Maggie Dobbins

Meet Maggie Dobbins. A graduate from Emmanuel who is currently getting her masters in social work at Boston University, she can often be found studying at Neighborhoods on Saturday afternoons with an iced London Fog with almond milk in hand. Maggie’s bubbly personality and positive outlook explains her immense passion for social work and social justice – something we discovered the moment we sat down with her. Here’s a little about Maggie!

“I’m from Duxbury, [which is] near the Cape. I have a twin brother. It’s just me and him and my parents and we’re all really close because there’s so few of us.”

“I’m graduating in May, and in my [social work] program, we end with an ethics class, and a lot of it is talking about our values and how our values often times shape our social work. I’m super into social justice and all the things that are intertwined in that. [I believe in] equity in terms of everyone getting what they need to really succeed and everyone starting off on equal footings, which our society doesn’t really have. [I really value] equity and social justice in terms of race and gender and sexual identity and all of those different things that people are so often discriminated against for historically and systemically.”

“I think a lot of [social justice] really stems down to economics…. In our society, all the power is determined by money…so breaking that down and re-allocating resources is something to focus on. I think if I were to pick something, it would be economic justice because everything is related to that.”

“Our programs require two internships. Your first one is two days and week, and your second one is three days a week. I was at a preschool last year, and I did support group therapy with parents there, groups with the children, and individual therapy with the children. [It] was really cool to get to know all of the different complexities that go along with families. It was really cool to work in collaboration with them, which I think is one of the things I love about social work."

“Now I work with college students, [which are] a different age group completely. And that’s really cool to be all of the different things that they … so I do education groups [and teach] about alcohol and drugs, and they just have so much to share. It’s so cool to get to work with them in terms of what they already know and go off of that."

“I really love Pure Barre. That’s my new favorite things. It’s a workout that’s like Pilates and bar combined. It starts with this really intense warm up where you do [a] 90 second plank and push-ups and all these things. Then you do some leg work at the bar, and then you do more abs. I love it because I couldn’t do a plank when I first started. I couldn’t do a push-up. It’s not so much what your body looks like, but you’re amazed that you can do those things. [Now] I can do a push up; I can hold a plank for 90 seconds. That’s crazy! It’s so cool to feel empowered in that way, especially because so much of working out is about what you look like and trying to look a certain way and fitting into a certain definition of beauty that society gives us. [At Pure Barre] you just do better than you did yesterday and push yourself to be the best you can be…. It’s really about your own experience with yourself and being proud of how far you’ve come.”

 -Maggie Dobbins