Customer Profile: Nick Brisbois

This week we got to know Nick Brisbois. Born in Honduras and raised in Western Massachusetts, Nick is a third-year student at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and a regular at Neighborhoods. He is most often seen with a large, black iced coffee in hand and his notes before him. While his outwardly resume is impressive, his hobbies and small loves really make up his driven and quirky attitude. We’ve highlighted just a few snapshots of Nick and his life, from why he comes to Neighborhoods to what motivates him daily.

“I moved to Fenway back in the Fall of 2015. I had my first apartment on Park Drive, and I was walking around the neighborhood and never saw this block of restaurants before. I went here a couple times, but I didn’t start coming here [frequently] until I moved a block over on Peterborough. Since this was down the street and the food is delicious and the coffee is great, I just come here every morning. I think it’s the friendships [that keep me coming back to Neighborhoods]. I feel like I don’t meet a lot of people that are genuine, so…when I come here it’s a little community. It’s always a good time coming here in the morning and relaxing.”

“I’m in pharmacy…[and] I work at CVS as an intern. I decided to do it back in high school. My dad had heart surgery, and he cardiac arrested a few years ago. Brigham and Women’s hospital helped him. They put him on a lot of medication, [and] it was amazing how they balanced all of the mediation…. If it wasn’t for the medication, the pharmacists and the doctors, he wouldn’t be here today. I think ever since then I wanted to be a pharmacist.”

“I don’t want to do just pharmacy itself; I want to do more. I don’t want to lose track of the fun stuff. I’ve always had a knack for filmmaking, photography and music. I don’t want to lose my passion because a lot of people go to work, and they’re tired and drained. I want to keep the passion in all of the creative stuff.”

“I like creating things. I think I judge a movie by what I feel after. I think with anything if it’s different, if it’s original, if it just makes me feel something and for a moment I lose myself in the movie…I think that’s good. A lot of things lately are a copy of a copy, so I try and lean towards the more obscure things. I like a lot of things people wouldn’t like….things that stand out. Things that you’ve never heard before, or if they have inspiration from something else, they do it better. Just anything different.”

“My motivation is to be the best at everything I do. I think there’s such a limited time we have that I do not want to squander any time…. If I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it with everything I have…. I think there are many benefits in self-improvement. Lately I’ve been going to the gym every day. I’ve been meditating for four years. I’m trying to get into yoga too. I just think taking care of yourself [is important].”

-Nick Brisbois