George Howell Coffee Training

We met and trained with George Howell and friends in Acton, MA today and yesterday!  

We sure made a good decision when we chose the George Howell Coffee company. They are amazing people who know the art of crafting and brewing THE BEST coffee, but they never sacrifice/exploit people in the process.  

Everyone was so helpful!  Sal is training our baristas in specialty drinks, George and Jerry and others showed us around, and Janet did a cupping with us.  I wish everyone could meet George and his clan.  SUCH good people and SOOO knowledgeable.  

Did you know that George was appointed by the UN to draft models of "economic sustainability" for coffee farmers in 1997?  How cool is that?!

While George and friends won't be with us at the cafe EVERY day, a number of them WILL join us for opening day on Nov 15th!!!  COME SAY "HI!"