Keep it coming!

We are thrilled to be open, and love getting to know everyone.  As we learn names, faces, and stories, we also want to better understand what you like and don't, and begin to tailor our menu and service to match, as best we can.

For example, a number of our neighbors said they'd prefer a 16oz drip coffee. We've got it now!  

As you share your thoughts, especially if you do so via e-mail, we'd love for you to let us know that you e-mailed us when you see us next.  This will help us to not only modify, but to know the who behind the why.

Essentially what we are saying is: we want to get to know YOU!

Check out the new friend we made today (His name is "House" and his daddy owns Phillipostyle spa around the corner!  Say "hi" if you see him around :).


-Your friends at Neighborhoods

House the pooch.jpg