A New Year


Its already been a full day of 2013, and hopefully you're off to a good start with all your goals. 

Might we suggest one more?  Consider resolving to KNOW your neighbors by the end of 2013! 

This is our goal for the new year, and we'd love to help you make it your own too!

A few ways we've done this:

1. We have added board games to our cafe!  Stay a while!  We ask that games not be played between 11 and 2pm, as this is typically a more in-and-out lunch crowd time.  Any other time however, stay and play!

2. We've added more crepes to our menu!  We've taken a ton of suggestions, and have begun expanding our crepe menu.  Check it out!

3. We've added more ingredient options for make-your-own and breakfast crepes.  Specifically, fresh raspberries, Blueberry sauce, brie, coconut and mushrooms are now on the menu.

4.  We've connected with a number of you about being our "entrepreneur of the month" at some point this year.  We are still taking names, so let us know if you are interested.

5. We are still taking names for potential musicians for live-music nights which we hope to start sometime in the next few months.

6. We want to feature our neighbors being "neighborly."  To start the year off, we'd like to introduce you to Jerry!  Many of you know him.  If not, you've probably at least seen his smile somewhere around Fenway before.  Jerry is one of the friendliest people we know, is happy to sit down and share a French press and good conversation, and is constantly doing nice things for his neighbors.  He brings us treats all the time, and, in case you didn't know, is responsible for the AMAZING decorations at the park across the street!

Thanks for setting an example for the rest of us, and for sharing the love Jerry!

Happy New Year neighbors! 


-Your Friends at Neighborhoods

Our friend Jerry in front of the park he decorate this year for Christmas!!!

Our friend Jerry in front of the park he decorate this year for Christmas!!!