Special Occasions

Hello friends!

Some of you have been asking if we deliver.  Unfortunately, we don't yet have a catering license, so we aren't allowed to deliver.  Also, since we have limited staff, and need to make sure customers IN the store are served in a timely manner, we cannot take orders over the phone.  HOWEVER,  we would LOVE to help out with your special events!

If you would like freshly baked treats for your special event, be it a birthday or a business meeting, come in and talk to us!  We will write down your contact info, process your credit card, and decide on a pick-up date and time (or time frame).  That way, you get freshly baked goodies with all the taste of home-made treats, and none of the work!

Mmm....off to ice some more cupcakes!  SEE YOU SOON!


-Your friends at Neighborhoods