Working on the Glacier's Edge...

This month, we here at the Cafe had the privilege of getting to know a delightful gentleman by the name of Russ (Russell Gardner).

It didn't take us long to realize that Russ was a man with a story to tell, a good many in fact, and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing them all!

In fact, we enjoyed Russ' stories so much, we couldn't help but want to share them with you, as, we were sure you'd love them too. 

Russ agreed to share his stories, but, to be true, it did take a bit of prodding before he would let us reveal the author behind them!   Fear not, we did administer the necessary prodding, so that you too can know a little about the Author we've come to know and love!   (In fact, Russ doesn't leave until April, so you may even see him around in the early mornings or on an occasional afternoon).  Should you see him around, do say "hi!"

Thanks again Russ!

-Your friends at Neighborhoods Cafe

P.S.  Below is the link.  Click on it, and then click on TenStoryPoemsNeighborhoodsCafe-3193.pdf, at which point you can download the poems!  ENJOY!