Spring is Springing and Thank Yous

Wow, can you believe we opened 2 seasons ago! Fall 2012 feels like so long ago.

First, we'd like to start with heartfelt and genuine thank yous to all of you that have supported and encouraged us through your patronage, kind words and smiles. We hope that our connections will only deepen over the seasons.

We have many delicious things lined up for the spring; we now serve iced coffee and iced tea is soon coming. We'll be adding delicious salads to the menu as per your suggestions; vegan and vegetarian options will be served.

Now here's a short list of things we've learned about the Fenway that we didn't know in the Fall:

1. Everyone knows or has seen Jerry around the neighborhood.

2. Some very loud and energetic birds return from their winter migration and fly in disorganized patterns on Peterborough St. (The locals remain unfazed)

3. You or someone you know is a music/art genius.

4. You guys are very generous with your desserts and french presses

Spring has sprung, the patio is open, swing by and say hello.