What's so Special?

At Neighborhoods Cafe, we offer a warm, welcoming environment, goodies that EVERYONE can enjoy (gluten free, vegan, organic, fair trade, and other options), AND superior coffee!

While "superior coffee" definitely includes espresso-based beverages: americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and so-on, you will notice that our "basic" drip coffee is exceptional as well.  Why?  Glad you asked!

We can answer this question in two words: George Howell.

George Howell's coffee, Terrior Coffee,  is made with excellence in every step of the process. Your coffee beans embark on a very long journey before they ever reach your coffee cup.  Some of that journey involves harvesting, storing, roasting and such, which you can read about here: http://www.georgehowellcoffee.com/content/view/260/.  The rest of that journey, happens right here  in our cafe!

Even in the in-house brewing process, the Terrior Coffee company ensures excellence by personally programing our coffee machines, training our baristas, and regularly following-up with us, to ensure that, together, we provide you with the best brew possible.

So, wonder no longer where you might find the best coffee in town, and be sure to grab a cup the next time you are around (ensure quality in the serving process by bringing a re-useable mug, and get 10% off your morning mug!)

picture by flickr.com

picture by flickr.com