You are part of the story!

Neighborhoods is built on the belief that a business can benefit the local community, and the world, by connecting the customer to the product at all stages of the process: the growing, roasting, and crafting (barista). 

In a neighborhood with over 24,000 residents, not counting 20,000 employees, and a agreement that buying locale means buying better, Neighborhoods offers a locale coffee shop alternative to the chains, serving quality coffee, food, and desserts to the conscientious consumer at a price comparable to chain coffee shops.  It is the only one of its kind within a 1.5 mile radius!

Though the beans cannot be locally sourced, ah Beantown. :-P, Neighborhoods only purchases beans that are fair trade and traceable to the growers.  Most roasters can't identify specifics beyond the region their beans were grown in, let alone individual family farms.  Neighborhoods has a unique opportunity to KNOW the people behind our products, from local produce to coffee beans traceable to specific farms in Rwanda, the Dominican Republic, Yemen and more.  

While providing a quality product of freshly roasted and perfectly crafted coffee, Neighborhoods also offers the story of all the beans brewed in the cafe: Literature is available on our bookshelf to explain how our coffee improves the lives of those involved in processing and serving it,  our walls chronicle the story through authentic pictures of the growing, roasting, and brewing, of the beans, and we brew and serve the beans with care and, as always, a smile. 

Then, comes the customer, that's you!  When you purchase our coffee, you support the individuals and families of all the farmers , packagers, roasters, baristas, etc., etc. involved in the coffee production process.  Not to mention, you get the best-tasting coffee in town!

So, THANK YOU for being part of the story! photo photo