What if every week I wrote here? Something lovely, something fun.  Why not try.  No promises. But, today I'll at least begin the endeavor of a weekly Neighborhood's blog. Today, I'll tell you a story about Springtime. It's here and it came and it keeps coming. Doesn't it feel like a long spring? It's like you can just keep enjoying it because it hasn't moved on, and winter left so easily that the new life, extra green season seems to be lasting longer than usual. (Minus that one April snow storm).  The daffodils seemed to take a long time to bloom, but the treat is, they're still blooming now.  So  this brings me to my story:

Our beautiful planters sat empty after the winter and we wanted to plant something lovely so that when you sat at our deep wood tables, you could look at beauty. But we didn't want to pay for it. This year, my family had to give up our plot in the Victory Gardens because we are just a bit too far away and have a few too many things going on to make it work. But what about all those lovely Tulips that Harry brought back all the way from Holland? What about the one Iris Brennan gave me 6 years ago that became 20 irises? Who would take care of them when we turned in our key? Would they dig them all up? So there at the management staff meeting we decided to just run down to my garden and dig a few plants up!  Unfortunately I didn't have my key. So I had to channel my 14 year old self and hop the fence. I handed Charlotte plant after plant. She carried some, and I carried the bucket and our friend and loyal employee Jordan, who we ran into on the way, carried my GuS and one lone daffodil.  Back over the fence and back to the patio, we planted. The day after, we augmented with fancy soil. We added a few seeds in between hoping for some future nasturtiums.  The transplants didn't look so hot.  

Today, when I came in, one week later, I smiled at the patio. The deep purple tulips from Holland are going to open.  The Irises look alive, though it's still far from bloom time.  We successfully transplanted flowers from my garden  and we had so much fun.  Hope you can come enjoy them soon!