Let me introduce you to our team here at Neighborhoods Cafe!

Most of us are Baristas, though a few are specialized in crepe-making or baking.  Hopefully this will help you get to know us a little better.  We can't wait to get to know you!

Marissa Jackson:

I bring a bubbly personality and always a smile.

I love that Neighborhoods Cafe supports the local community and its workers and brings so much positive attention to the Fair Trade movement.

A few years ago, I traveled to Guatemala for a service trip themed around fair trade coffee and community projects. In one week, I was able to learn so much about organic coffee and the Fair Trade industry. We worked with local growers helping them pick coffee beans and saw the process of how they were prepared to go out locally and globally. This memory was an eye opener and allowed me to understand so much more about the work that goes into the coffee I drink on a daily basis.

I’m a Sociology and International Affairs student at Northeastern University. I would love to work internationally in the field of Public Health.

When I’m not serving coffee, I also enjoy running and doing yoga.

My favorite tea drink is a Chai Tea Latte with Skim Milk and lots of cinnamon.

Birthday: February 18th


Sean Randall:

I bring the enthusiasm of my personality!  I love the atmosphere at Neighborhoods.  I can't wait to be working with such a great team.

I have a dream of sending people to complete their own dreams! 2 of the reasons why people don't go through with what they want to do, lack of money, lack of people believing in them.  I want to make money not be an issue and encourage people I know and meet to be all they want to be, all they need to do is believe that they can!

I normally try to fly under the radar, but I the weird skill I have is laughing like Spongebob.

I drink enough coffee that it could be considered more harmful than good, but I don't care! Whenever I am not around coffee, I love playing cards and dominoes with friends.  Oh and eating, ya I love eating.  Create a feast, and I will eat it, then ask for more or complain that I am hungry.

Coffee with Hazelnut is where it is at!

Birthday: March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!)


Zoe Watkins:

I bring a smile!

My favorite drink is white chocolate mocha, mint tea

My favorite memories of tea involve hanging out with my friends after school during snow storms and making tea and waiting for the snow to stop.

I want to write and produce television one day.  I work for BU's television channel, BUTV, and I watch far too much television in my free time.

Tea is best accompanied by biscotti.

Birthday: May 21st


Betsy Hill:

Owner, mother of 3, wife, and friend.  Betsy can oft be found smiling and sipping something hot.

Charlotte Mosinki:

Nicknamed "Char-latte," Charlotte is a manager, as well as a "regular."

Birthday: October 10th