Let me introduce you to our team here at Neighborhoods Cafe!

Most of us are Baristas, though a few are specialized in crepe-making or baking.  Hopefully this will help you get to know us a little better.  We can't wait to get to know you!

Ann Fogler

Ellie Frazier

Eli Mann

Hannah McCormack

Joel Parra

Favorite drink: London Fog w/ extra vanilla. Favorite Food: Macaroon. Superpower: Extreme extraversion.

Jordan "Cinderella" Popky

Favorite drink: Soy Spanish Latte. Favorite Crepe: CranBrie w/ cranberry inside. Superpower: Actual Princess.

Kate "Claudette" Audet

Meghan Buckley

Meghann Soby

Sarah Mickey

Tess Cekada

Betsy Hill:

Owner Favorite Drink: Cafe Au Lait. Favorite Crepe: Currenty the Ricotta Romanza, Superpower: Healing for appliances.

Charlotte Mosinki: